Order Forms & Rates

If you're looking for the Movement Mortgage order forms, visit this page.


Social Media Cartoon

Order your custom social media avatar for use on Facebook, Instagram, Minds, Steemit, etc. Black and white, color, and full body are all available.

Prices start at $20 USD for a black and white headshot. Color, full body, and backgrounds can be added.


Caricature Order Form

Click the button below to order a personal or celebrity caricature. The form will ask you a few questions to calculate your price. It won't charge you until you enter a credit card number, so please play around with it!


Have a pet that you love like one of the family? I'll draw your four legged friend. Doodle My Dog sounded catchy, but I'll draw any species of pet you might have. See my portfolio at www.doodlemydog.com and see what you can do with your finished artwork here.


If you ordered a caricature, this is the process: 

  1. First, I will submit a rough sketch to the email address you provided. One round of edits is included in the price so if you need revisions to the overall shapes, pose, or likeness, this is the time to request them.

  2. Only after you approve the sketch will I submit a black and white inked version. If you need revisions to any personalized details (clothing, props, or accessories) this is the time to request those types of changes. (Any changes to step #1 at this point will be subject to an additional charge.)

  3. After the inks are approved I will submit the color version. If you need revisions to the colors or patterns only, this is the time to request them. (Any changes to step #1 or #2 at this point will be subject to an additional charge.)

Turnaround time varies based on how many orders are in my queue, but you may contact me for an update at any time if you wish.


Logo Order Form

Need a logo for your band, book, or business? Hire me by clicking the button.

  • Logo (B&W and/or Color): $200-$1500 (Example: Nude Barre stockings) You can get a cheaper logo from a logo mill (who will re-sell it), but here is an article on why you shouldn't.

Other Freelance Work

I am (almost) always accepting freelance work. I am primarily a caricature artist, but I am also interested in designing logos and creating illustrations for small businesses, publications (children’s books, magazines, or graphic novels), and musicians. I am open to considering most projects, so please contact me if you think my style might be a good fit. I can provide you a solid quote with some basic information about the project, and I'd be happy to answer any other questions you might have. Here is a good article, written by an artist, on do’s and don’ts when commissioning an illustrator. 

Did I already send you a custom offer? Please use this form to pay by credit card. If not, you can use the buttons below to order the type of work you need.

Woody Allen commented, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” While I don’t agree with his math, the quote makes a valid point. There are thousands of designers out there, and chances are good that you’ve run into a few flakes. Many designers will disappear halfway through the job. I will put your project before my own and see it through to the end. (Just check out my glowing reviews!)


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References & Reviews

I know it’s scary to hire someone you’ve never met online. Have no fear! I have excellent reviews and many happy clients all over the world, on all six continents. Now, if only some penguins would hire me so I could conquer Antarctica, too. Check out my glowing reviews (over 200 of them!) on Thumbtack and on Fiverr

The Fine Print

Please note that actual quotes may be higher or lower depending on the project, please treat this list as a guide only. These rates are not set in stone. All price quotes include at least two rounds of changes and corrections. Any additional changes after the second round will be billed at my hourly rate. For new clients, payment terms are 100% up front for jobs less than $200, and 50% up front, 50% after completion for orders over $200. Repeat clients that I know and trust have more flexible payment terms. I’m sorry, but this policy is non-negotiable.