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I have lots to offer, for marketing your business, for gifts, or just for fun! 

To get started, either choose one of the squares below or keep scrolling down to take a look at some samples before you place an order. For turnaround times, pricing, and ordering info, please refer to my FAQ page.


Custom Caricature

Whether you want a basic head and shoulders caricature or if you want something more complex, this is the form to use! This is also the option to choose if you want vector art or commercial rights. Prices range from $20 up to $1000, depending on what you request. Check out my FAQ page for more information about pricing, turnaround times, discounts, etc.

 My form will ask you a few questions and calculate a price based on your answers. Feel free to play with it until you get a price you are comfortable with as it will not charge you until you put in a credit card number. Get a coupon by taking my Batman poll, here.

Need it fast? Contact me first to see if I have availability for a rush order.

Order Custom Caricature


Pet Caricature

I also draw pets! If all you want is your dog, cat, or hamster in caricature, this is the form to use. (If you're going to be in the picture as well, please use my "custom caricature" order, above. There is an option to add a pet in that one.

Order your own custom pet caricature by clicking the button!

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Custom NFTs

Got an idea for an NFT campaign? Hire an illustrator with experience! Since each project is different, we need to discuss it first. Contact me by clicking here.

Contact Me


My Process

1. First, I will submit a rough sketch to the email address you provided. One round of edits is included in the price so if you need revisions to the overall shapes, pose, or likeness, this is the time to request them. PLEASE NOTE: A caricature artist chooses features to exaggerate, and certain edit requests will ruin the effect. If you need revisions to any personalized details (clothing, props, or accessories) this is the time to request those types of changes.
2. After the sketch is approved I will submit the final color version. If you need revisions to the colors or patterns only, this is the time to request them. (Any changes to step #1 or #2 at this point will be subject to an additional charge.)


Printing costs are not included in my quotes, but your illustration can be printed on any number of things including prints, mugs, apparel, towels, phone cases, and much more. For prints, I recommend MPix or Giclee Today.


My Fiverr Page

If you have experience with Fiverr and would rather order through that site, I've got a page, here. You can order caricatures, illustrations, logos, and marketing graphics. Also, check out my great reviews!

Check out my FIVERR page


Custom Offer

If I already sent you an invoice with a price, you can use your credit card here using this form. (You can also use this form to make a donation.)

Pay by Credit Card

Custom Coloring Book

Coloring books are great marketing materials, and fun for both kids and adults! I'll design one for you and include crossword puzzles, mazes, word finds and more if you wish. (Check out my previous books in the gallery above.) If you don't need a book but just want coloring pages, I can do that too. Order your custom book or coloring pages using this form

Custom Coloring Book


Gift Certificates

Not sure what to get someone for Christmas, a birthday, or an anniversary? Caricatures make great gifts!

Click here or use the button below to purchase a gift certificate that you can send via email or send a physical copy in the mail.

Each one is $19.99 and is valid for both my basic and custom caricatures. It's also valid for Doodle My Dog.

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Holiday Pack

Do you already have your caricature(s), but want to add holiday costumes? Do you currently have the holiday pack, but you want to change one or more monthly caricatures? All twelve months have a holiday costume available, including different options for April and December depending on what holiday you may or may not celebrate. For Halloween you can even order a custom mask! Use this form to order the add-on, or click the button below.

Holiday Pack Order Form


Halloween and Other Costumes

Want to wish your client a happy birthday with a cartoon? Need a uniform for your favorite sport? I've got you covered! You can also request a custom Halloween costume here. Use this form to order the add-on, or click the button below.

Halloween Costume Order Form


Add a Full Body

Do you already have a caricature, but want to add a full body for use on other marketing materials? Our printer is currently offering cardboard cut outs, stickers, and more! Use this form to order the add-on, or click the button below.

Add a Full Body


New for 2022, I can animate your existing caricature using your voice! If you have an existing caricature or a playbook from me, you can use this form to order a custom animation. Please note you will need to have an MP3 or WAV file ready to go before you place the order. Use this form to order your very own, or click the button below.

Animation Order Form


Holiday Cards!

You can use this form to order artwork for custom holiday cards. You can use an existing caricature, a new one, or use a photo. Right now, we're offering Christmas and Hanukkah cards. If this is a success, I'll make some more backgrounds for next year. Use this form to order your very own, or click the button below.

Holiday Card Order Form


Buy Me a Coffee

If you're not looking for any artwork, but still would like to support this project, you can buy me a coffee. (I survive mostly on caffeine.) It's just $3. I appreciate any and all support! I'm 100% independent so any little bit helps.

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I know it's scary to hire someone you've never met on the internet. Rest assured, I've been doing this a long time and I have clients all over the world. Read some reviews on Fiverr and on Thumbtack.

Basic Caricature

If you just want a head and shoulders caricature of one person, you can use my no frills order form. Line art caricatures are $19.99, color are $29.99.

Order your own headshot caricature by clicking the button!

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