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I am (almost) always accepting freelance work. I am chiefly interested designing logos and creating illustrations for small businesses, publications (children's books, magazines, or graphic novels), and musicians. My most popular projects are pet illustrations, personalized caricatures, and celebrity caricatures. However, I am open to considering most projects, so please contact me if you think my style might be a good fit for your project. 

Contact me with any questions you may have; I'm happy to answer. I also check my Facebook messages, if you prefer.



For non-commercial caricatures, you can use this form to place an order. Go ahead and play with the form to calculate pricing; it won't charge you until you're ready to buy. (Non-commercial illustrations are things like gifts, social media profile pictures, or artwork for the home; anything you're not going to slap on a tee and resell.)


Commercial Work Rates by Type

  • Logo (B&W and/or Color): $100-$1000 (Examples: Click here for my logo portfolio) I design logos as vector files for easy scaling.
  • Website: Websites can run from $500 to $5000. I'm primarily a WordPress designer. (Example: Doodle My Dog)
  • Caricatures/Illustrations (B&W): $15-$500. Click here for my pricing form.
  • Caricatures/Illustrations (Full color): $25-$1000 (Example: Click here for my caricature portfolio.)
  • Photo manipulation/correction: $45 per hour (but I'm happy to provide a flat rate if you provide a job description).

You'll notice wide variation in the rates above. To get an accurate quote, we need to discuss your project first. All price quotes include two rounds of changes and corrections. Any additional changes after the second round will be an additional charge. Most of my clients need only one round.

Payment terms are 100% up front for projects up to $200, and 50% up front, 50% after completion for projects costing more than $200. Repeat clients that I know and trust have more flexible payment terms. I'm sorry, but this policy is non-negotiable.

PayPal is the easiest and safest form of payment, but I also accept checks, cash, or major credit cards.



Woody Allen commented, "Eighty percent of success is showing up." While I don't agree with his math, the quote makes a valid point. There are thousands of designers out there, and chances are good that you've run into a few flakes. Many designers will disappear halfway through the job. I will put your project first and see it through.

I know it's scary to hire someone online whom you've never met. Have no fear! Other clients have taken the risk for you. I have excellent reviews and many happy clients all over the world. (See the map, below.) Check them out on Thumbtack and on Fiverr. I have been featured as a top ten illustrator.


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