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DocTerror.com is a blog devoted to news and reviews of horror movies. It’s written and maintained by a superfan who really knows his stuff and can turn you on to lots of mainstream, indie, and foreign horror titles. The Doc’s been very supportive of my horror comedy project and has driven some of his traffic my way to help me with my poll and with my sales. It’s much appreciated, Doc! He also hired me to create his new online mascot, which he just recently (as of September 2014) unveiled to his fans’ delight.

Doc Terror’s other project is called HorrorSexy.com. This site is an online experiment in bringing horror people together and challenging the big horror sites and mags. I designed the logo. I tried to make it fun by playing with the viewer’s expectations on how a word should be rendered. The word “Horror” is a sexy, neon light show and “Sexy” is blood-drippingly gruesome.